Wednesday, February 3, 2016

San Diego

It turns out I didn't post our trip from San Diego back in July. So I'm just going to post tons of photos and add captions here and there as I recall things.

I recall we got to S.D. earlier than we thought. We usually stop off in Vegas for a leg stretch but we tend to travel at night so the kids sleep right through our long drive.

Mission Beach


Mormon Battalion Museum

While we were at a REAL (he kick that this hispanic has not been use ) Mexican food restaurant waiting to burn our mouths off Mike got a email telling him about LDS pioneers he is related too. At first this email was dismissed since we were on vacation. But while we waited for our order Mike read the email. It showed the lineage of a couple of pioneers who treked to Utah but as he clicked around the names he found some names that were settled in San Diego. That means Mormon Battalion!!! So after dinner we headed to the Mormon Battalion Museum in Old Towne. I wished we got their soon since it was almost closing time so we took the tour without gawking and awing over everything. Next time :)

Here's our enlisted volunteers

My tattoo hunk!

Mike taking a picture with his long awaited relative. No wonder he feels like S.D. is his home!

Panning for gold like in the gold rush. Since it was closing time our kids got to keep a few pieces of fools gold.

La Jolla Beach

Mike is such a beach bum. And over the years he's gotten better at surfing. All self-taught!

Cati wanting to learn to surf too. But she's got to learn on a knee board first.

 Surfers at heart ♥

Sunday Chill Day

Lunch at some restaurant.

Then S.D. swap meet.

We love not planning our days out. Itineraries are not for us. It stopped us from exploring with the locals. And if rushed,rushed,rushed we would have missed this amazing place.

Mason and a katana. He loved and still love this thing.

Imperial Beach


As you can tell we got there around sunset. That didn't stop our kids from playing. They had so much fun playing in the waves. But soon it got too chilled that we just continued our adventure by walking on the beach onto the boardwalk. We seen so many fisherman on there. Our kids seen one man catch a stingray that they just stopped, stared, and asked the man a ton of questions.

There was fish restaurant/shop at the end of the pier that we ordered some fish and chips. The kids aren't big fans of fish but I insisted since you can't be on the ocean and not eat fish. As we walked back to our car we found an organic-homemade-ice cream shop that we all wanted to try. So ice cream cones on hand we walked back to our car on the sandy beach under the moonlight. It was like a dream.

San Diego Temple

I don't recall when we went to visit the temple but I know we seen it. I remember we were wet so we only walked around for a few minutes before we got too cold.


Going to church outside of Utah has really changed my perspective as being a Mormon. We walked in and there was so many people who if they walked into my home ward would have been looked at-shunned-ignored-pointed too-etc. Shameful to say the least.
I remember being in the chapel and seeing people with tank tops, men with earrings, short-short skirts, etc all there worshiping God. The way it's suppose to be!
So often people get caught up on how long my skirt is, how tight a shirt might be, that i have tattoos showing, mike had his ears pierced, etc that we get the look of "2nd class Saints". It was so refreshing to see how the Lord's hand really does reach for all his children no matter what. I remember leaving this ward not wanting to ever leave.

Funny photo on how we leaved! We are all about budget friendly trips so we changed in the car, gas stations, or store restrooms. We used coupons, gift cards, and apps to save money. We packed only 2 outfits and a swimsuit since that's all we needed and it cut down on how much laundry we had when we got back. (Also since we needed to wash clothes while on vacation it was only 2 load!)

Anyways I love this man! And  I love the adventures we go on.

Friday, January 22, 2016

It's My Birthday!!

Yes I made it to another birthday. I'm now 32 year old. It doesn't feel much different than 31. I'll give it a year and see if it grows on me. haha....joke!

For my birthday things really changed. Instead of going out and having tons of fun things were kept simple. So simple that I hardly did anything in hopes to not jeopardize my healing.

I woke up to birthday treats galore.

I gawked and drooled a little bit but all these things needs to be put on hold so we can head to the Provo City Center Temple open house.
I really wanted to attend the open house and with Mike having the day off this seem perfect.

The history of this new temple is that it use to be a tabernacle. But caught fire several years ago. Utah communities were so sad to see it go since it held such rich history. That the following General Conferenance President Monson announces that he was going to rebuild the tabernacle and turn it into a temple. So now there are 2 temples in the small town of Provo. But everyone knows they needed it with the MTC and BYU in the same city. 

At the open house there were areas outside showing the before and after photos of things tabernacle that are now turned into things new for the temple. Like this staircase post. The one on the left is the new one. And the one on the right was from the tabernacle. You can still see the charred pieces from the fire on it. There was other examples too but this one really caught my eye. They are exactly the same. 

Anyways the inside was beautiful. Photography is not allow so I'm just going to describe it best I can. 

There was so much wood. Dark rich wood everywhere. 
Flower printed wall paper. Flower embellishments on wood banisters, door hinges, windows, etc.

There is a spiral staircase that is a tight squeeze but so beautiful. The sun was shining through the windows so the stain glass shined such beautiful colors onto the carpet.

There was a fire exit right in the chapel. Probably where it was located before so my guess is it stays locked so no one enters accidentally. 

The walls and ceilings are painted with such beautiful nature scenes.

There was a grand staircase that was so beautiful that I wanted to slide down the rail. Of course I didn't.

There are a lot of stairs. From the outside it doesn't look that way. But once inside this was the first thing I noticed. I opted out taking the elevators since I would have missed all those tiny details that made this trip amazing. 

Our kids loved seeing the wedding rooms. Each one had a different chandelier inside.

One of the "wedding"/ sealing rooms was so small that it looked like it was a janitors closet before. It maybe fit 4 chairs. We told our kids that even though it's small that big and amazing things will happen in this room.

I was so happy to walk through this new temple. It made me appreciate the gifts that God gives me even more. The gift of recognizing his love. The gift of my forever family. The gift of eternal life. The gift of repentance. And so many more gifts that I left here feeling so much better that I forgot all about my pain. At least for a little while.

At the visitors center area the sister missionaries were taking pictures for those visitors wanting to commemorate their visit. So we got one and of course I'm rocking my brace in it.

So after our amazing tour we headed home and about 15 minutes away from home that's when my pain/discomfort hit. So Mike took my home so I can lay down. This seems to be the only thing that can calm my back's throbbing pain. He took Mason and Hailey to meet their other dad. Lily and Cati waited for the pizza delivery man. And I just ended my day watching Netflix.

My sister-in-law asked me if I was going to celebrate my birthday by doing anything. It sucked saying no. But Mike and I have decided that we're going to re-do our birthday later this summer. Sort of like a 1/2 Birthday Celebration. Mine since I'm stuck in a back brace and Mike's since I was in the ER on his bday. I really know how to celebrate birthdays! :)